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What if you never had to concern yourself with Air Conditioning or Furnace maintenance

When was the last time you had a tune up on your air conditioning unit, furnace or boiler? If you're like most people its been a while and routine maintenance is probably not at the top of the list of things to do.

Routine air conditioner, furnace or boiler maintenance is very important as it reduces the amount spent on heating and air conditioning bills and also improves the life of the unit, thus reducing total cost of ownership.

Edina Heating and Cooling, a Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area based heating and air conditioning contractor, offers a number of maintenance/service plans to help insure that your heating and cooling unit is constantly working with peak efficiency. We'll even change and dispose of the filters so that you don't have to.

They offer the following programs:

Tune ups
Heating and Cooling systems check and adjustment to bring your air conditioner, furnace or boiler back to manufacturers specifications

Service Agreements
One or two year agreements that take the worry out of furnace and air conditioning repairs. These service agreements include tune up, filter replacement and priority service.

Efficiency testing
A number of factors go into the overall efficiency of a home's heating and air conditioning system. Edina Heating and Cooling test the following areas so that you know what working well and which areas can be improved: Humidity, Moisture, Airflow, Filtration, Ductwork, Carbon Monoxide, Fresh Air Ventilization.

Filter Replacement
Most manufacturers recommend replacing your furnace filters four times a year. Edina Heating and Cooling will come out once every three months to replace and dispose of your old filters.

In addition, we'll work around your schedule and will contact you to schedule a service call at a time that is convenient for you.

Call Edina Heating today at 952-922-3700 to learn more about their routine maintenance plans.